Dummy Book Dummie

파이널 프론티어는 미완성의 의미보다 중간 결과물로서의 의미에 방점을 둔 각 작가들의 더미북을 통해 ‘책으로 보여주는 작업의 서사’에 대한 고민의 결과물을 공유한다.

더미북을 만들며 작가들은 이미지로 부유하던 사진을 물성으로 구현하는 과정에서 작업을 정리한다.
이 과정 속에서 사진들은 다시 분류되고 조합 되어지며 아이디어에서 머물던 내러티브를 단단하게 보강한다. 나아가 책의 판형, 종이의 선택, 프린트, 제본 방식과 같은 다양한 요소를 결정하며 좋은 책 - 각자의 작업을 보여주는 적절한 방식을 갖춘 책은 무엇인가에 대해 깊이 있게 들여다본다.

책을 만드는 과정을 통해 FF의 작가들은 작품을 서사로 전달하는 방법에 대해 탐구하며 1주년을 맞이한다.

Circle Book

Sang-in Kim

This book includes a part of my project called <Strawberry Night> that I've been documenting the moon since 2019. Based on the center of the book, a circle can be filled or disappeared. I focused on how the record of day-to-day changes over a certain period of time works through photography.

size: 105mm x 297mm
pages: 80


RD Apt 206

Sang-in Kim
“RD Apt 206” was created as I stumbled upon documentary photos and writings. This book helped me to make all pieces of my memories into one cohesive story that has strong storytelling. "RD Apt 206" is a new narrative, merging memories I recall, records I kept, and the imagination I had.

size: 210mm x 297mm
pages: 35

Peaceful Mountain

Du Shangheng
Peaceful Mountain dummy book is a collage of photographs on handmade paper. Peaceful Mountain is an exploratory project centered around Korea's largest multicultural city, and this book is a work-in-progress

size: 320mm x 230mm
pages: 45

MARK 9:43-9:48

Eunjae Joe

Mark 9:43-9:48 is a re-arranged novel based on a true story, dealing with a collapse of a certain community. The biblical reference clarifies the storyline. The explosion, and flame in the image indicate that “something heartbreaking happened” to the community.

size: 382mm x 540mm
pages: 56


Seungyul Lee

The reconstructed images exist as if they were real buildings, devoid of their original colors and textures. Buildings captured in photographs, re-photographed, appear artificial and reduced, presenting a different sensation from the reality. The work explores the distortion created by shifting between three-dimensionality and flatness, revealing the boundaries between distortion and the fundamental structure.

size: 210mm x 280mm
pages: 48

Happy Together

TingTing Ma

This book was inspired by the Hong Kong movie "Happy Together". It is based on her own experiences and feelings in another system. The book is composed by inserting an image that splits off other images and placing in it some conversation within two identities that split off from the one ego. She tries to decipher the effects of the system on the individual and to respond to the " burlesque wonderful dreams" it has long shaped in people.

size: 270mm x 192mm
pages: 136


Taehyen Kang

This book contains photos showing the growth of the author's two children, Yoonsik(seek) and Yoonsol(soul), and is divided into the first half and the second half. It consists of photos that allow you to feel changes in your children's emotions, showing interest in the impact of the surrounding environment on human life and emotions.

size: 180mm x 135mm
pages: 92

WWW Archive Project

What a Wonderful World

Hanuel Lee

This is a record of the “What a Wonderful World” exhibition. She changed the photos inside the exhibition every day for 28 days and archived the process daily. The archive was compiled into a single book, presenting the emotions she formed by meeting subjects and documenting, similar to flipping through a calendar day by day. Through the daily changing records, she attempted to intimately show the artist’s own experiential process.

size: 210mm x 148mm
pages: 29


Hanuel Lee

Through the Boomers project, She becomes intrigued by the ‘past’ stories heard from subjects. While photographing the ‘Ajeossis’, She discovers that they primarily share stories from the past. The emotion arises as the narratives within the photos, believed to capture the present, continually flow into the past. She feels a sense of the stories within the photos, initially thought to record the present, persistently drifting into the past. Through the past, the ‘Ajeossis’ engaged in both denying the present, providing self-comfort, and transcending time gaps. In this way, she present scenes of memories as “Yesterday”.

size: 210mm x 297mm
pages: 29

Mary,Where you are

TingTing Ma

In the book 'Mary, Where You Are' the artist transforms the reality of the real world by creating a false interface. When COVID-19 hits the pause button on her life, bringing polarization and restriction to her surroundings, she feels her life inverted in every way. "I'm still right here, but I feel like I've been transported to an unpredictable time and space. Although the environment keeps changing, leading to a constant loss of memory of the past. When truth is swallowed by falsehood, I realized that I didn't really exist. Maybe I'll ring the doorbell, but we may never meet face to face."Mary said

size: 270mm x 220mm
pages: 30

Grand Forest

Du Shangheng

Grand Forest is a book documenting Daelim-dong, Seoul, which features photography on the front and a map of the space on the back. It can be viewed by turning the pages or or spread out the entire page.

size: 143mm x 120mm
pages: 50


Chen Yihuan

Due to the depression of emotions, I have been in a state of insomnia for a long time, whenever this feeling comes, I always choose to go to the nearby tavern for a drink. In those days and nights at florist's, I wanted to find myself among thousands of people through the camera. At the end of the shoot, I decided to give them the camera...

size: 100mm x 90mm
pages: 28