2024.4.19 - 5.10

《weight loss Plan》

Ending the three years relationship with my first love made me so painful. My friends console me by saying that "You should lose weight first, then you will surely find better ones. " They connect my broken relationship with my body weight only rather than the real pain that I experienced. That is why I start to do this project. Nowadays "Losing weight" is a common issue.This project is a photographic performance that I constantly pay attention to the change of my body, and is
also the process of aesthetic standardization of the body. 

The project include two stages:

Stage One: Diet
Period: 2014/8/1- 2014/9/15
Shooting Method: Constantly shooting, while disjunction existed
Ways for losing weight: a single recipe (diet) plus workout
Weight changed: 74kg – 64kg

Stage Two: 99 Days –weight loss Plan
Period: 2014/10/15- 2015/1/22 99 Days in total
Shooting Method: Constantly shooting in 99 days without disjunction
Ways for losing weight: Highly intensive workouts
Weight changed: 64kg – 53.8kg